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Air Filter Measurement Guide


A. Know your filter size:

LOOK at your filter. You may see two sizes. nominal size (ex: 20x20x1) and an actual size (ex: 19-1/2 x 19-1/2 x 3/4). This is the standard in air filter manufacturing.  Nominal size refers to the size of the filter slot. So, a 20x20x1 filter is made for a 20x20x1 slot. Actual size is smaller to allow easy installation/removal of the filter.  
MEASURE your filter to confirm that the printed size is accurate. This ensures that you have a filter that has not been altered from its original size.                          


B. If your air filter does not fit or you do not have a filter to measure:

MEASURE the filter slot to determine the available space for your filter. Choose your filter based on the size of the slot. Ex: if your filter slot measures 20x25x1 as shown in the images below, you would choose a 20x25x1 filter.                                          

NOTE: If you cannot find a stock size that will fit the opening, you will need a custom filter size. Tips for selecting custom air filter sizes are below.

For wall or ceiling vents: See instructions below under Tips For Choosing The Right Custom Air Filter Size to determine the correct size. This does not mean that you need to order a custom size for these openings, but you will be able to see helpful information about ensuring a proper fit. These vents typically need more attention regarding exact filter size as compared to standard filter openings.

For Whole House Air Filters: These are larger filters that are usually 3-6 inches thick and are installed in a cabinet-type housing with a door. You can search our site by brand name, size, or model #. Brands are listed in a pre-filled drop-down menu on the homepage. You can search by size or model # in the upper right hand search box. Brand, size, and/or model #s are usually located on the filter or the door to the filter housing. 


C. If you need a Custom Air Filter Size:

CHOOSE your replacement air filter type and size using the size menus on the Custom Air Filters page. If you have a custom filter that fits properly, you can simply choose the exact measured dimensions of your filter. NOTE: You should measure your custom filter even if the size is on the filter. Some manufacturers allow a tolerance of up to 1/4-in. under. We will make the exact size you request.

D. Tips for choosing the right Custom size:

Wall or ceiling vents WITHOUT clips or brackets to secure the air filter in place - A close fit is recommended to prevent free movement, fluttering, knocking, or whistling sounds that may come from an air filter that fits too loosely. Your custom size should be 1/8-in. smaller than the opening.

Wall or ceiling vents WITH clips or brackets to secure the air filter in place - You can still select a filter size that is 1/8-in. smaller than the opening, but it is okay to go up to 1/2-in. under.

Standard filter slot usually located by the unit - You have the most flexibility in choosing an exact size here. While you can choose a size that is up to 5/8-in. smaller than the opening, we recommend that you choose a size that is 1/4-in. under the size of the opening. 

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